Our Goals

Our goal is a park use plan that supports the following initiatives:

  • Limitted, safe, permitted access to the Palo Duro Canyon backcountry.

  • Trails to the Cathedral Peak area, onto Mesquite Park, into and around North Cita Creek, and into the Canoncita property.

  • A 20-mile backpacking loop that highlights one of the most beautiful places in the American West.

  • Public, permitted access to the Gilvin Ranch House and the Canoncita Addition, donated to the Amarillo Area Foundation in 2001 for a future research and meeting facility with surrounding hiking trails and camping areas.

  • Easier access for research professionals who wish to conduct ecological, archaeological, and historical research projects in the state park.

It's important to note that these propositions have been part of the PDC Park Use Plan for more than 20 years. They are not new.